Hi there! I’m Sarah, aka BLT (Bucket List Tummy). THANK YOU for stopping by. If you’re wondering how I came up with the name Bucket List Tummy, scroll to the bottom 🙂

I’m Sarah – a Registered Dietitian in Charlotte, a runner who prefers the half marathon distance, a coffee shop go-er and a FOOD LOVER.


Life is good and food is a part of that.

I don’t do diets – diets aren’t sustainable, and as humans, we need to be SUSTAINED.  Many of us have lost that innate mind-body connection and we’re searching for the next diet or next best thing to get that back. Food shouldn’t be complicated. It is just that – food. A kale salad can be just as nourishing as a slice of cake with your family. I aim to decrease the food guilt and help you find your happy relationship with food and yourself.


After graduating with a degree in Sport Management, I worked in college athletics for a few years before ultimately deciding to pursue graduate school for health and nutrition. I felt this too-passionate-to-ignore desire to help people with food and health. You can see more about how I got into nutrition here.

With a background in Public Health and Nutrition, I seek to help people develop a healthy, thriving relationship with food, and help educate about healthy lifestyles (not “diets”).  I think all foods can fit into a healthy lifestyle. You can learn more about my food philosophy here and here.


I’m also an avid runner. Running is my get away from life’s stessors, my way to reconnect with myself. I love talking about outlets and hobbies with clients, as I think it’s so important to have things that make you happy. I write a lot about marathon trainingnutrition for runners, and how to eat intuitively when exercising. More often than not, I see runners (and women, inparticularly) underfueling. Our bodies are so amazing, but they need Grade A fuel to keep going. So, yeah, I talk alot about that and eating more

I work in wellness and nutrition counseling. I love the variety of clients each day brings, and having the opportunity to make a difference in my clients’ lifestyles. Aside from seeing clients face to face in the Charlotte, NC area, I see clients virtually. I’ve helped women regain their periods back and I love working with women to improve their relationship with food. I’ve also worked with many runners on fueling for training and recovery.

I also do freelance writing for many publications. I love to communicate the tenets of nutrition in an easy, non-extreme way. You won’t hear me talking about never eating “x” again, because there is room for all foods.

Also, I love love to travel. I’ve been to Europe, Australia, and several of the 50 states. I’d say the biggest travel destinations on my bucket list right now are Greece, Switzerland, Alaska and Maine! I recently went to Vancouver and Salt Lake City, two really neat cities. I write a lot about what I eat when I travel because I obviously have to try everythinggg.

Along with loving to eat, I love to cook. All of my recipes can be made in under an hour, and most can be made in under 30 minutes because we are all busy. I want my kitchen time to be efficient.


I’ve always been a list person. I love the satisfaction of checking things off. This is how Bucket List Tummy evolved; as I was reviewing my never-ending list of coffee shops, restaurants, food trucks, farmer’s markets and dessert places I wanted to try while living in Portland. My 2017 bucket list. 

I love to share my daily eats, workouts and running recaps, nutrition tips and healthy recipes. My hope is that these posts can inspire and help others, not to be used as a source of comparison. And of course, life bucket list things will be included as well! Please reach out with any comments or questions – I love connecting with readers.

You can also get a list of the best recovery foods for runners when you sign up for the monthly newsletter here, or catch me over on Facebook and Instagram. Or, you can reach me at sarah at bucketlisttummy dot com.

Let’s make eating fun and enjoyable again.