Training and Dieting Don’t Mix

  Mar 12, 2018  |  #Fitness

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! We finished up some projects and almost finished the last of the shopping for baby things. Our Sunday started with some cinnamon buns (after sleeping in), which was a wonderful way to adjust to the time change. While I look forward to some extra daylight, I’m just …

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How Inadequate Nutrition Affects Training Seasons

  Jan 14, 2018  |  #Marathon Training

Hey guys! I hope you had a great weekend and are enjoying this extra day off if you have it. I know I haven’t written about running as much lately – mainly because I’m not training for anything (except a baby), but I still talk about running and training daily with many of my clients. …

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Fueling Differences for Short and Longer Races

  Oct 9, 2017  |  #Marathon Training

Hey friends, How was your weekend?! I’m off to Georgia today for a two-day tour with the National Peanut Council, so be sure to follow along on Instagram for up to date fun. On another note, I thought it was time for a running and nutrition post because you guys know this is like my …

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