Day in the Life (Weekend Day)

  Jun 20, 2018  |  #Baby

Hi guys! I love reading these posts and hadn’t done one since Camryn was born. So, here’s a day in our life {weekend edition}. This is from last Saturday! 2 am – Camryn stirs a little so I get up and feed her. We’re back down by 2:30. 6am – Camryn wakes up. She is …

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Returning to Running After Pregnancy

  Jun 17, 2018  |  #Pregnancy

I hope you had a great weekend! And happy father’s day to the wonderful dads out there (though from what I know, my male readership is very minimal). And today, we’re talking mostly to females as usual lol. I’m linking up with Hoho Runs and Wendy for the Weekly Wrap! The weeks after pregnancy are …

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5 Thoughts From the Week

  Jun 14, 2018  |  #Favorites

Hi guys, sorry to disappear on you this week! My computer cord charger broke so I couldn’t charge my laptop. I ordered one off Amazon that was a bust and didn’t charge, so now I’m waiting for a new replacement. I’m using an old laptop that is basically on it’s last leg too :/ Rather …

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